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Accuquilt Go Big Electric Fabric Cutter Review

Accuquilt GO! Big Electric Fabric Cutter Review

A Deep Dive Into The Accuquilt GO! Big Fabric Cutter

One of Accuquilt’s GO! line of fabric cutters, the GO! Big is a fully electric cutter made to eliminate the strain of mechanical cutters and the flaws that can result from measuring by hand.

Like all Accuquilt cutters, the GO! Big uses a number of premade dies to slice up to six layers of fabric at once into a variety of predetermined shapes ready for quilting or appliques. The cutter is compatible with all Accuquilt dies and can cut multiple patterns at once.

This cutter is somewhat chunkier than other models and will need to be plugged in. The outer casing folds out into a work table and includes a built-in handle for easy transport.

The GO! Big’s cutting elements are protected by a dual-function hands-free barrier. This piece serves to keep fingers and tools out of the blades and will stop them if anything is forced past.

Accuquilt GO! Big Electric Fabric Cutter Review

Who’s It For?

GO! Big is useful for any aspiring quilter but carries a price tag of well over six hundred (USD) that may put it beyond the reach of casual hobbyists or beginners.

At thirteen kilos and forty-five centimeters long and wide, the GO! Big is best for someone with a fixed workroom and regular work with textiles.

Some quilters or hobbyists may find that they dislike the uniform cuts and specifically prefer a homemade look.

What We Like About the GO! Big​​​​ Fabric Cutter

GO! Big makes for fast and easy cutting to a wide variety of shapes and sizes, making even patterns and designs that have a quilt looking great every time.

Even the effort needed for a mechanical cutter is gone. Simply line up the dies and press the start button, and the electronic feeding rollers will do the rest.

A fourteen-inch aperture means that several dies can be cut at once, readying all the pieces needed for a day of quilting in a matter of minutes.

No need to buy a new set of dies either because the GO! Big Electric Fabric Cutter is compatible with all the dies from other Accuquilt devices.

Safety is also in mind with the GO! Big, as the hands-free barrier will stop anything from being accidentally caught in the feeders or blades.

A built-in worktable makes it easy to prepare or adjust the next die, even while the first is still feeding through the cutter.

​What We Don’t Like About the GO! Big Fabric Cutter

At well beyond six hundred dollars, the GO! Big is out of reach for anyone unable to seriously invest in their quilting.

The GO! Big will need to be plugged in, making it less portable than mechanical cutters or alternative cutting methods. It is also louder and may be irritating over prolonged use.

As with many appliances, an electric cutter will be harder to repair or service than a mechanical one.

Although the GO! Big is compatible with other dies, it only comes with one, and has no way to store the dies when not in use.

The dimensions and weight of the GO! Big make it harder to move and adapt to smaller spaces and working areas.

  • Simple controls - just set up the dies and press the start button
  • Price tag beyond the range of all but the most dedicated quilters
  • Dies will produce even and identical cuts every time
  • The electric cutter is noisier and harder to service
  • Cuts up to six layers of material at a time
  • Weight and need for a plug make it less mobile than mechanical cutters
  • Built-in worktable and carry handle for convenience
  • Hands-free safety guard to prevent accidents
  • Compatible with other Accuquilt products

What’s In the Accuquilt GO! Big Box

The GO! comes packed with a single Accuquilt die and cutting mat, as well as an idea book, user manual, product registration card, and quick start guide for a more experienced user.

There are no replacement parts or repair services available for the GO! Big as of this writing. The GO! Big also does not include any tools or supplies for a quilter, or reusable storage bag or box.

A canned air cleaner and lint brush for maintenance are recommended by many retailers, but not included in the package.

GO! Big Fabric Cutter Features

The main attraction of the GO! Big is its speed and ease of use. The electric feeder and cutting elements make it many times faster than any mechanical option.

There is exactly one interface – a start button – which makes it impossible to misunderstand the controls.

GO! Big also adds several handy features that make it more enjoyable to use overall. A carrying handle, work surface, and the blade guard all make it a more pleasurable experience.

At thirteen kilo, it may be difficult for some quilters to properly move and position. Some may find they don’t have room for the forty-five square centimeter machine on their existing workbench.

A serious concern for many users is the GO! Big’s low serviceability. There are no replacement parts available as of this writing, and the manufacturer’s warranty may not cover all malfunctions.


The GO! Big Electric Fabric Cutter is an excellent choice for someone who frequently needs to cut large quantities of quilting patterns. An experienced or dedicated quilter or perhaps a teacher of textile arts will find this machine a solid and reliable friend.

That intent on quilting but low on funds would be best advised to look for a smaller machine. As mentioned, this cutter will need to be plugged in and set up, so make sure a good-sized workspace near an outlet is available before buying.

For anyone without cause or means to quilt regularly, the GO! Big is likely to be an unwise investment. The high price and the need to purchase extra dies and fabric separately make it only for those intending to use their cutter on a regular basis.

James M. Rai has been screen printing T-shirts and other textiles professionally and as a hobby for more than 15 years. During that time, he owned and operated a small screen printing shop in northern California for more than 7 years. More recently, James has gotten involved with Cricut and other cutting machines.