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Top 10 Best Mug Press Machine For The Money Reviews 2021

Whether you’re looking for a way to monetize your graphic design skills or just seeking a means of earning a good income by starting a small business, mug pressing could work out excellently for you.

At A Glance: Our Top 5 Picks for Mug Press Machines

Think of it this way – organizations (including schools and churches) are nowadays interested in branding than ever. It’s hard to find any organization that doesn’t have printed caps, t-shirts, stationery, and mugs.

That’s a huge business opportunity for you. You can print out your best designs on mugs and use them as samples to look for contracts in your neighborhood before your market expands.

You may have the best designs but to transfer them flawlessly and make them look great on the mugs, you need the best mug press machine.

This post will not only walk you through the top-notch quality mug press machine reviews but also discuss the features to look for as well as highlight how to use these appliances. It’s your ultimate guide if you’re going into mug pressing

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Our Top 10 Best Mug Press Machine Reviews 2019

1. Yescom Automatic Mug Heat Press

This review kicks off with a machine that is specialized just for mug pressing, and it’s an appliance that delivers superior results.

First off, the press is fully automatic. Once you place your mug in there, you don’t need to push a lever to apply the pressure. As soon as you set your specifications on temperature and pressure, the machine takes charge of the rest. Once the press is done, the press stops and you can take your printed mug.

The other aspect that qualified the Yescom Automatic Mug Heat Press as the first item on our list is its spectacular design. If you have a keen eye for beauty or you just want something that will go well with your kitchen décor, then you will love the press.

The machine is basically meant for personal use, but you can also use it in your printing business. If you’re only getting started with mug printing and your client base is not profound, this appliance from Yescom will be a good starting point.

If your business is more established and you have a larger clientele, you can still use the machine, but you need to get several of them.

Compactness is yet another feature that makes the press very appropriate. If you’re looking to save space, you’ll be pleased to learn that the machine measures only 14.7 by 10.7 by 8.9, and thus takes a small amount of space.

Furthermore, it weighs in at just around 9 pounds, denoting you can take it with you wherever you go, and as long as there’s electrical power there, you’ll be able to customize some mugs.

The only issue with this appliance is that the user manual contains minimal info, which you might not find very useful. But that’s nothing to worry about, as using the machine is quite straightforward. And again, we have a section in this post on how to use a mug press; we believe you’ll find it useful.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lightweight – about 9 pounds
  • Compact – saves space
  • Fully automatic
  • Temperature range of 0 to about 400 °C
  • Need 110V power input
  • Both centigrade and Fahrenheit temperature display
  • Work completion alarm

2. FC2 Pro 6 in 1 Combo

The second item on our review is a bit more professional, as it enables you to customize more items. With the FC2 Pro 6 in 1 Combo, you’re able to print not just mugs but also hats, caps, plates, and t-shirts.

About that, the machine contains six presses in one, including a t-shirt plate, a cap/hat press, 2 mug presses, and 2 plate presses.

Worried about the compatibility of the press with your mugs or plates? Don’t be because tell you what? The machine has two press attachments for each. One attachment handles mugs with a diameter of two to three diameters while the other handles 3- to 3.5-diameter mugs.

As for the plates, you have one attachment for printing 5-inch and another for printing 6-inch plates. These measurements refer to the diameter, of course.

Whether you’re getting it for your business or use at home, it’s vital that you go for something that will serve you well for a long time. You don’t want something that prints a few cups or works for a few months and breaks, right?

It features a rugged construction that helps it last for years even with daily use. The plate, for instance, is composed of thick aluminum, which holds out for a long time and ensures safety.

Operating the machine is quite easy. In that note, it has a 360° rotation swing away design that helps you switch from one printing function to the other, e.g., from printing t-shirts to printing caps or plates.

Beside that, the swing away factor helps you set your designs in place without struggling too much or having to disintegrate the machine.

The only problem is the instructions, but once again, that’s not a deal-breaker as the use is quite straightforward.

Highlighted Features:

  • Swing away design with a 360° rotation
  • LED controls
  • Durable with a thick aluminum plate
  • 6 presses in one
  • Easy operation

3. TC-Home Dual Digital Display Heat Press

Here is another product that is specialized for mug printing.

If you’re on a budget and you’re looking for something cheaper than the combination presses, then a specialized press like the TC-Home Dual Digital Display Heat Press is your solution.

While a combo press might lead you to pay an excess of 200 dollars, with around 70 bucks, you can get a really nice specialized press like this one.

You’re hoping to achieve great results with your transfers, right? You’re looking to see the images just as they appear on your designs. If that’s the case, you have got to get the temperature and pressure settings right.

With the machine’s LCD digital controls, you can get the exact recommended temperature, and that ensures the transfer is done correctly.

And you know what is even more amazing? The fact that the machine features a dual LCD. This enhances the display on the screen, making sure you always get the readings right even in poor lighting conditions.

Different mug materials require varying heat levels, and you might find yourself having to make temperature adjustments to fit the situation. That’s why it’s wise to get a mug press that offers a wide temperature range. With the TC-Home Press’s 200 to 400 °F range, this need is well taken care of.

Power is another concern for most people. You want to confirm that when you connect the press to your home’s power outlet, it will work.

The machine needs a voltage of 110, meaning your home wall outlet will provide the required juice.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compatible with different materials, including ceramic, textile, and glass
  • 200 to 400 °F temperature range
  • LCD digital controls
  • The tension screw is easily adjustable for easy pressure control
  • Rubber handle for easy handling and protection against the heat
  • Steel frame for longevity
  • Lightweight – 8.4 pounds

4. Mophorn 6-PCS Heat Press

MOPHORN 6-PCS HEAT PRESS<img alt=”MOPHORN 6-PCS HEAT PRESS” width=”500″ height=”500″ title=”MOPHORN-6-PCS-HEAT-PRESS” data-id=”575″ src=”//” style=”width: 100%;” scale=”0″>

So, what makes the Mophorn 6-PCS Heat Press special? Let’s see.

First, the machine is a 6-in-1. With this kit, you can print t-shirts, hats and caps, plates, and mugs. The attachments for the plates and mugs come in ranging sizes, meaning you can press items of varying sizes.

Secondly, the press is truly robust. With a rigid frame made of steel, it’s able to withstand a few blows every day, and hence, it’s a great choice when you’re looking to go into the heat pressing business.

If you’re only getting into heat pressing, it’s likely that you don’t have much knowledge of the ideal methods of taking care of a heat press machine. If you get a delicate machine, you’ll likely end up getting frustrated, but you’re better off with a machine like this, which tolerates a little rough treatment.

And because of the press’s rugged body, you’ll not need a replacement for many years.

When it comes to temperature range, this Morphon appliance is one of the best mug heat presses out there.


It has a range of 0 to 480 °F, and thus you can use it to press a range of materials without worrying about ineffectiveness or heat damage.

Comfort is a factor that the manufacturer really seems to take into account. No wonder the machine’s height is adjustable from 13.5 to 17 inches so that you can operate it at your ideal level.

In addition to that, another noteworthy comfort feature is the 360° swing away design. This allows you to comfortably load, change or realign your transfers.

The heating platform is quite thick, and this not only allows it to last long but also ensures safety.

The handle is long, making it easier to hold and operate the press, without having to put in too much effort.

Highlighted Features:

  • Exemplary client support
  • Full swing away design (360°)
  • Long handle that saves effort
  • LCD controls
  • 6 attachments for pressing different items

5. Double Stations Mug Heat Press

Perhaps you’re looking for a heat press for mugs that allows you to achieve professional level pressing efficiency. If you’re in the heat pressing business, efficiency is vital, and that’s why we included the Double Stations Mug Heat Press in this list.

Allow us to break this down for you.

As its name suggests, the machine presses two mugs at once. That means if you can press 15 mugs per hour with any of the presses described above, you can press 30 within the same time frame using this particular press.

What’s even more incredible is that you can press set the two pressing elements to different temperatures. That implies you can use one element to press a ceramic mug and use the other element to press a glass mug. Isn’t that great?

Another factor that truly sets the machine apart is the general design. If you’re a person who appreciates innovation, you will find this press very appropriate. The design is splendid and definitely a good addition to any décor.

In addition to the being lovely, the design makes operating the machine a piece of cake. You can easily slide in or remove the mugs. The operation is also a breeze especially with those comfort grip handles that are made of rubber.

Another aspect that’s targeted at making the machine super easy to use is the finely-designed control panel. Rather than relying on rubber buttons, which can get damaged with continued use, you get to use a touchpad, which is more robust. The LED screen further simplifies operation.

The press comes with an 11-oz heating pad, which is ideal for pressing most mugs and cups, but if need be, you can replace the pad with your desired size.

Highlighted Features:

  • Impressive design with great aesthetic value
  • Relatively lightweight – around 15 pounds
  • Presses two mugs at once
  • Touchpad and LED screen for easy configuration
  • Replaceable heating pad

6. USCutter Perfect 4-in-1 Mug Cup Heat Press


With most mug presses out there, one hitch you might face is that of inconsistency with the shape and size of the mug or cup. The USCutter Perfect 4-in-1 Mug Cup Heat Press steps in to ward off that problem.

If you’re worried about inconsistency with your mugs, consider getting this press. It is designed with a soft heater liner that adjusts itself according to your mug’s or cup’s shape.

That signifies you don’t have to get different presses for the various cup and mug shapes you have; this USCutter machine will likely handle them all.

Poor durability is another setback that comes with most mug presses, especially when used for day to day pressing. What sets this appliance apart is that it lasts for years even with daily use.

Its solid steel welded framework makes sure of that.

The press is automatic, and this reduces the effort you need to put in to complete a press cycle. What makes this even better, or convenient rather, is the end of cycle alarm. This lets you exactly when the mug is done pressing, so you can start the next cycle and save time.

On top of that, it ensures the transfer is excellent because achieving a great print is about getting the temperature right and removing the tape or wraps at the right time.

Weighing in at around 20 pounds, the machine is sufficiently lightweight for you to take it with you when going to various places, perhaps to the mall or church.

As mentioned before, if you’re to have great transfers, you have got to get the temperature right. With regards to that, the press has a touchpad that allows you to set your temperatures right. The LCD screen makes things even easier by displaying the variables clearly even when the lighting is not very good.

Highlighted Features:

  • Durable with a solid steel welded framework
  • Alarms for the end of the cycle
  • Touchpad controls
  • LCD screen
  • Lightweight
  • Soft heater liner that accommodates inconsistent cups and mugs

7. EDIY Heat Press Silicone Mug Clamp

This product serves as an aid to anyone interested in customizing their own mugs, whether for family, friends, the office, or just as a hobby. Since buying a full heat press or printing machine can be prohibitively expensive, these strips allow you to print a mug at home, with almost no other specialized equipment.

This item is used by wrapping the print as desired around the mug, then securing it in place with the form-fitting silicone strip. Thanks to the silicone’s natural elasticity, this strip can handle larger or smaller cups too, as well as unusual shapes like tapered glasses, large steins, or novelty mugs.

Once properly wrapped, use the included metal clamp to hold the strip firmly in place. The clamp’s locking tabs allow you to set it tightly against the mug  and hold it there without it coming loose during the heating process, avoiding ‘ghosting’ or double printing the mug.

With the mug properly prepared for printing, the rest can be done in an ordinary home oven. Most sublimation materials take effect between 300-400 degrees Farenheight; check the substrate you plan to use for exact instructions.

Users should be warned that the clamps will heat up and possibly even warp in the oven, and should be handled with extreme care. Always check if the mug you want to print can handle the heat needed for sublimating before beginning.


  • Silicone stretches to accommodate many shapes and sizes of cup
  • No need for a full-size heat press
  • Clamp design holds the print securely without cutting off edges or ghosting the image
  • Silicone strip gives extra stability and cushioning while the mug is being heated


  • Clamps may warp after extended use
  • Silicone can squeeze tightly enough to break a mug if stretched.


Although a certain degree of care is needed to successfully print with this item, the time, space, and cost saved makes it an excellent choice for someone looking to craft on a budget.

8. BetterSub Mug Heat Press

Custom or novelty mugs are a common souvenir for all manner of occasions, whether a personal gift to a special someone or as party favors around the office. That said, mugs have always been a chore to print, as the protruding handle interferes with many traditional methods of customization.

This machine lets you print your own designs right on an existing mug, without the hassle of glazing or placing a bulk order. The specially designed ‘open circle’ element accommodates the mug’s handle and holds it in place against the laminate for a smooth and even printing.

In this model, versatility is the name of the game, with a heating clamp that can accommodate mugs between 6-17 ounces. The press can handle cylindrical and conical mugs alike.

For more awkwardly shaped mugs, the press includes a heat-resistant silicone rubber pad that can be molded to fit any exterior. The pad distributes the heat evenly throughout the mug and offers extra purchase in the clamp to prevent the image ghosting or dragging.

All functions are controlled from the LCD monitor, where temperature and pressure are clearly displayed. Users can also preset the desired heating time and temperature scale to ensure precise control of the process.

Despite its many safety features, this machine does reach high heats quickly. Users are cautioned not to leave things on or in the machine, or touch it while it is in use.

Highlighted Features:

  • Holds 6-11oz mugs

  • Heats up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Silicone transfer pad

  • LCD control screen


  • Prints conical and cylindrical mugs
  • Silicone pad for odd shapes
  • Integrated timer with automatic stop
  • Compact profile to fit easily into your craft room


  • Parts are not durable or easy to service
  • Confusing controls, with no manual included.


This machine will make an ideal gift for someone already engaged in crafts and printing, or as a communal purchase for an office or classroom to allow everyone to create a customized souvenir. Those looking for a machine for commercial use may be satisfied, but may prefer a model that services more than one cup at a time with more reliable components.

9. Sican Mug Heat Sublimation Press

Living in a small house or an RV? It’s only natural that you want to conserve space as much as possible. If you’re in a situation where space saving is a top priority, a compact, 13-pound machine like the Sican Mug Heat Sublimation Press would be a great choice.

Ease of use is another aspect that you have got to look for when shopping for a mug heat press. Using this Sican machine is a breeze, and that’s made possible by a couple of features.

First, there’s the fully digital control that allows you to set the time and temperature easily. Unlike most other presses, which use rubber buttons, the machine has a rather large touchscreen that lets you define your settings effortlessly.

Aside from that, there’s the end of cycle alarm. Thus, you can get involved in other tasks while the printing takes place because after all, the alarm will let you know exactly when the process is complete.

Durability is another key factor that makes this heat press worth it. Its framework is composed of solid steel while its hardwares are made of stainless steel, making the entire setup quite sturdy. That’s why if you need something that will hold out for years, the press would be a great selection.

Some machines require higher voltage than what the typical home wall outlet offers, needing the user to purchase additional power attachments to bring the power up to the required voltage level.

If you want to avoid such inconvenience, this press from Sican will be very suitable. It needs just 110V, which is your home wall outlet can provide.

Some heat presses use as much as 1200 watts of power to function properly. Comparing that with the 450 watts that this little press needs, it’s easy to see its suitability for everyone who wants to conserve some power.

The only issue with this machine is that it beeps a lot, so if you hate noise, you’ll find it inappropriate. As everything else is blissful, that shouldn’t be a deal breaker.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fully digital controls
  • Steel construction, which makes it super sturdy
  • End of cycle alarm
  • Better at saving power than most other presses
  • Lightweight

10. CO-Z 8 in 1 Heat Press 360 Degree

When it comes to versatility, almost nothing beats this heat press by CO-Z. We’ve seen heat press machines that come with two attachments for different mug presses, but this one comes with three. As the mug press attachments are also a bit flexible, you can press a wide range of mug sizes.

Being an eight in one machine, the CO-Z 8 in 1 Heat Press 360 Degree allows you to not only press cups and mugs but also hats and caps, plates, t-shirts, ceramic tiles, mouse pads, and jigsaw puzzles.

Safety is a huge concern for most people when shopping for electronic items. And when it comes to this aspect, the press is one of the best items of its kind with FCC and CE certifications.

Good combo heat presses use a slide away design to help you switch from printing different items with ease. This CO-Z machine goes a step further and makes the transition super easy with its revolutionary rail.

Moreover, you can rotate it fully (to 360°). This ensures nothing is in the way when you’re trying to change the attachments or position your transfers.

Most heat press machines have a temperature range that goes up to 300 and 400 °F. On the other hand, the CO-Z heat press has a temperature range of 0 to 570 °F. Taking that into consideration, isn’t it fair to say this press is exceptional? No wonder it’s able to press such a wide assortment of items.

What’s more, the digital timer ranges from 0 to 999 seconds, ensuring you have ample time for the material you’re looking to heat-press.

To top it all is the dual LED screen, which displays the readings perfectly. The touchpad makes it easy to operate the machine and by the by, you can interchange temperature display between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dual LED display with a 0 to 999s timer
  • 1-year warranty
  • 360° swing away design
  • 3 mug press attachments for different mug sizes
  • Simple to operate

Thing to Before Consider Buying a Mug Press Machine

Mug presses come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and ranging in price from a hundred to around a thousand bucks, it’s easy to see that finding the right machine for your needs.

We see people going for the most expensive presses and ending up with features they will never really use (or comprehend).

There are also those who aim for the cheapest machines, and more often than not, they end up with machines whose features don’t suffice for them.

If you don’t want to scour through the numerous mug press machine and end up with the wrong one, it’s vital that you know what features to look for. The list below sheds light on the aspects that depict a machine that will serve you excellently.


If you’re just getting started with mug design, you probably want to press your own mugs at home and for your friends maybe before going commercial. In that regard, you’re looking for a starter mug press.

Such a press is small and portable, and of course cheaper than the others, going for around 100 to 200 dollars.

If you’ve already been through the starter level (or are confident enough to not go through it) and have a few customers, the next stage is the intermediate level.

An intermediate-level press is a little bigger than a starter, and can also handle more work load. These can cost anything between 200 and 500 bucks.

If you’re already in business and are looking for a press that will handle the most work and render the most impressive results, then you’re considering getting a professional-level mug press. These go for around 1000 dollars, but for the level of quality they offer, they’re totally worth the money.


Some mug presses can handle one mug-size only while others can accommodate different sizes, a functionality that is achieved through attachments.

Apart from that, some machines have an attachment that allows them to press varying mug shapes.

Thus, before purchasing a mug press, it’s important to find out what attachments it comes with, and to see whether they’re sufficient for your needs.


You might spend and upwards of a thousand dollars to get a mug printing machine, and so it’s only natural that you want to know its warranty specifications. Typically, the more confident the manufacturer is about their product’s quality, the longer their warranty on the product.

Warranties range from a year to five years and you if you’re looking for value, you shouldn’t go for a machine whose warranty is less than a year.

How To Use a mug press machine

Perhaps you haven’t operated a mug press before, but you’ll be amazed at how incredibly easy it is to use this machine.

Here are the steps to follow:

The first part is the doing the design and printing it out. If you have printed t-shirts before, the process is pretty much the same.

The best way is to use a computer and a printing machine. Use an editing software like Photoshop to create the design then feed that info to the printer and print out the design on a transfer paper. Alternatively, you can cut out your designs from colored vinyl.

Prior to applying the transfer to the mug, ensure you trim it in a way that it fits the print spot optimally. While trimming, consider leaving a little space/border (perhaps 1/8 inch) around the paper.

Beside that, you need to make sure the transfer doesn’t have wrinkles to avoid the dye leaving undesired streaks.

Sometimes the transfer’s edges will appear a little slack or fuzzy. To prevent this from happening, try wetting the transfer a bit. This is also a great step when you’re looking to achieve a generally crisp transfer.

As soon as you’ve fitted the transfer on the mug, secure it tightly with a tape (use the heat resistant type).

If the transfer is not wrapped in tape, feel free to wrap it with Teflon, so the ink doesn’t stain the press.

Set the mug press’s temperature to around 350 to 400°F and set the time to about five minutes. Also, set the pressure to medium.

As the mug gets pressed, heat some water a bit till it’s lukewarm and put it in a small basin.

Once the press is done, take out the mug and place it in the lukewarm water for it to cool down. You want to use gloves to remove the cup, so you don’t burn your hands.

When the mug has cooled down a bit, peel off the tape and admire your fine art.

Top Rated Mug Press Machine Brands On The Market


Situated in the sunny Southern California, Yescom is one of the best sublimation mug press brands in the world. Although Yescom initially retailed cell phone accessories, the brand expanded fast and ventured into other products, including the heat press.

There’s a reason why the first item in our list is from Yescom – quality. If you want an affordable heat press for personal use that will not disappoint you, the Yescom Automatic Mug Heat Press will definitely be a great pick.


Located in Seattle, Washington, USCutter started in 2005, first venturing into vinyl cutting machines. It has since been known as one of the top vinyl cutter brands but that’s not it stands for.

This brand has a range of other products, including vinyl cutting software, vehicle graphics, and mug pressing machines. The best aspects about their products include performance and durability.

Rincons Heat Press

Rincons Heat Press is a manufacturer and importer of heat printing gadgets that is located in Los Angeles. Their presses are made at an OEM factory in China, and then they’re transported to Los Angeles for distribution to the consumers in wholesale and retail bases.

If you’re looking for a well-built, reliable, and durable mug press, buying from Rincons Heat Press would certainly be a move in the right direction.


Founded back in 2007, and with its headquarters in the US, Vevor is a top brand brand that offers you a range of products, including screen printers, flash dryers, cutting plotters, and mug press machines.

Being one of the biggest brands, Vevor has branches in Sydney, Portsmouth, and Hong Kong.

The best thing we noted about this brand is that it has a great support team so if you should encounter any trouble using their mug press, you’re assured there’ll be help.


Born in the 1980s, Hotronix happens to be one of the oldest heat press manufacturers. Innovation is one of its biggest strengths so if you like things that have a great design, the brand’s products would be very appropriate for you.

In its almost 40 years of experience, the brand has experimented with different technologies, keeping the good ones and disposing of the bad ones. That’s probably the reason why their presses are so robust, working excellently and lasting long.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What paper should I use to print mugs?

The best paper to use is the sublimation paper, as it will release the ink properly without allowing the paper to seep the ink as the pressing takes place. Iron-on transfer paper is not recommended as the transfer might fail to come out well.

2. How does sublimation printing occur?

For starters, sublimation is where solid turns to gas without passing through the liquid state. So, with regards to heat pressing, sublimation ink is coated on the transfer paper, and when heat is applied the ink becomes a gas and travels to the mug’s surface through the pores in the sublimation paper.

3. For how long should I press my mugs?

That will depend on what material the mug is crafted from. For plastics, 60 to 75 secs at medium pressure and 400 °F heat would be enough. If the mugs are made of ceramic, you will need to press for longer, ideally 150 to 210 secs, at medium pressure and a 400 °F temperature.

4. Can I use a mug press machine to print t-shirts?

Well, it’ll depend on what sort of mug press you’re talking about. If the mug press has just one pressing element, which will obviously be used for pressing mugs, then you’ll only be able to press rounded objects like mugs, cups, and flasks.

On the other hand, if it’s a combo press with other elements, including the one for pressing apparels, then you will be able to press t-shirts with it.

5. What is the purpose of mug printing?

There are many reasons why pressing mugs is a good and popular thing. First, it spices up your mugs’ looks. If your mugs and cups are looking a little dull, try printing them with sublimation ink and a mug press.

Printing fancy images on your kids’ mugs might impress them a lot.

Apart from that, mug pressing is very useful in branding. You can print your company’s mugs and cups and even do it for other companies if you’re in the printing business.

6. What printer should I use for transfer paper?

An inkjet printer will do, and the amazing thing is that you will not have to modify a thing.

7. How is sublimation printing different from digital printing?

While digital printing is about printing images on the surface of materials, sublimation is about infusing dyes in the material.

8. What is the best mug Printing Machine for home use?

There are many models and brands, but we believe the Yescom Automatic Mug Heat Press will be most suitable. This machine is relatively inexpensive, and it does exquisite transfers.

9. What is the Right mug press for business?

A mug press that prints many mugs at once while executing the press professionally. The Iglobalbuy 3D Sublimation Vacuum Heat Press is able to press 12 cups simultaneously, and with all the other features it has, we believe it’s the best choice for people in the mug pressing business.

Final Word

Over to you now. Which of the ten mug presses we’ve reviewed have you found most appropriate for your needs?

Before you answer that question, you will want to consider the aspects we talked about in the buying guide.

For instance, a starter press that prints just one mug at a time is ideal for those who are just getting started. But if you’re in business and you have many customers, a press like the Iglobalbuy 3D Sublimation Vacuum Heat Press, which can do 12 cups at a time will be more suitable.

We hope this post has helped you find the best mug press based on your situation.

Happy pressing!


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