Cricut Crv001 Reviews

Cricut Crv001 Review

Do you love scrapbooking or crafting personalized greeting cards? You could be trying to beautify bulletin boards with crafted décor.

There is a smarter way to brighten these small projects. You need the right tool that gets the job done correctly.

And finding the right tool would mean spending tons of money or time, evaluating. In this post, we`ll review one of the world`s best, most cost-effective electric cutters for small projects.

The tool suits small projects—scrapbooking, customized card-crafting, and creating die-cuts of shapes. If you`re aiming at a bigger heavy-duty project, it won`t work perfectly for you.

Meet the ultimate smart cutting machine for small projects.

Cricut Crv001 presents the means to craft infinite possibilities at the touch of a button. It doesn`t require a computer—you only switch DIY gears by effortlessly switching between buttons without missing a beat.

This tool can cut materials like vellum, vinyl, paper, and cardstock — all by utilizing lightweight cartridges to cut complete fonts or shape fonts.

The better part: the machine is easy enough to operate that anyone can use it.

What is included?

  • Cricut Crv001 electronic cutting machine comes with George and Basic Shapes with a 12-inch cutting pad
  • 2 Mats
  • Ac adapter
  • A user guide
  • Cartridge
  • A limited 1-year warranty

Overview of the features

Portable ​​​​electronic cutting machine

The machine makes DIY so satisfying as it is readily portable. It is only 10.3-pound, meaning, you can readily carry it around to execute your creativity.

Besides that, it comes with 2 side-handles and one main handle that seamlessly makes it easy to carry around.

With the flexibility to carry it around and the precision to execute correctly lightweight projects, Cricut Crv001 makes DIY more fun and executable regardless of the change in location.

Cartridge based-system 

The versatile cartridge allows the machine to cut lightweight materials into complete shapes, phrases, and letters on vellum, paper, cardboard, and vinyl.

This cartridges system is easy to use.

It only requires you to place your paper on the cutting mat, load it into the machine, insert your cartridge, and make your cutting section. You can then press cut.

More importantly, the cartridge system operates independently without the need of a computer. It comes in George cartridge and basic forms.

Size Dials

The third key feature is the dials. The machine comes with three dials or buttons that empower you to craft a whole new world of shapes and different cut sizes.

On the right side of the machine, you have the size dial, which gives you the freedom to customize how tall your design will be. It presents the option of designing a craft of 1 up to 51/2 inch tall.

On your left, you have two dials. The upper one is a speed knob, and the bottom one works for the pressure of the blade.

The speeds knob enables the Cricut Crv 001 to cut accurately over a speed range of 1 to 51/2. Speed adjustment depends on the type of material you`re working with.

If you`re using a material that is a little more sensitive, you might want to use 1 so that you don’t tear through it. If you`re using thicker material, you’d want to set it at a higher speed to get the work done in no time.

The pressure dial allows you to cut intricate shapes by adjusting the pressure that the blades exert on a paper during cutting. It also ranges from 1 to 51/2.

The size of the pressure you’re going to choose also depends on the type of material you’re going to use.

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How can you use it?

Cricut Crv001 Reviews

First, power on the machine and open it.

Put the cartridge on the cartridge space on the farthest right side of the machine and put the keypad that contains your fonts in place.

Prepare the mat. The mats are usually sticky, but sometimes, they lose their stickiness—you can always put some sticky glue to get it sticky again.

Use a scraper to apply some pressure on your papers to prevent it from moving. If the paper moves, it is going to destroy your design.

Push the start button on the right side of your machine and insert your paper. You must read the user manual to know what the buttons on the keypad actually mean.

Go ahead and hit the “Load Mat” button for the machine to accept your paper.

Type the words you want to print on your paper on the keyboard. Whatever you`ve fed to the machine will display on the LCD screen up on the machine.

On the buttons on the left of the machine, choose the letter format you want. You must refer to the user guide to know what each of the button means.

When done, press the cut option. However, there are other options like “Print” to choose from.

Hitting the cut button initiates the machine to cut. Once it rolls over to the way right-hand side, it`ll tell you that it is done.

Hit unload.

Then use a spatula to remove the paper with your design.

You can print tons of designs depending on the type of cartridge you get.


  • angle-double-rightDepending on the cartridge you`re using, it can cut phrases for wood signs.
  • angle-double-rightIt is extremely easy to use
  • angle-double-rightIt has an automatic feeder which automatically maneuvers the cutting mat while your project gets printed.
  • angle-double-rightCan make stencils as it cuts a variety of material
  • angle-double-rightIt can cut through fabrics, but you must always attach it using an iron


  • angle-double-rightIt will require the purchase of cartridges of different patterns which can be costly
  • angle-double-rightNot recommended if you want to use the electric cutter heavily for bulletin boards

Final Verdict

All in all, Cricut Crv001 is a Personal Electronic cutting machine that empowers you to ride the waves of creativity on small projects. It is a designing tool that presents all you need to live the most creative life.

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