Cricut Design Space Alternative

Cricut Design Space Alternative: Which Is The Best?

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Do you love DIY projects? Cricut design space can be a great saver to help you organize your creations.

Cricut design space is an accompanying app that allows you to design your creations and cut them wirelessly with Cricut maker machines and Cricut Explore.

You might be trying to create tote bags, window decals, party needs or window designs among other artsy products. Cricut design space could help you complete these projects without additional separate materials.

However, did you know that there are other Cricut design space alternatives? In this post, we have explored two more options for the Cricut design space.

We will be comparing the Sure Cuts a Lot vs Make the Cut apps. Sure Cuts a Lot is software that helps you cut shapes virtually or design them using electronic cutting machines.

Sure Cut is a game-changer because it is not only made for Cricut machine, but also various die-cutting machines like Silhouette, Wishblade and Craft ROBO. It suits both Mac and Windows operating systems. 

With Sure Cut, you use its available editing and drawing tools to draw your designs. Besides that, you can also use various free fonts like your installed True Type fonts and Open Type fonts.

If you have import images, you can convert them from different formats with the help of auto-tracing features.

Features of Sure Cuts a Lot

User interface

SCAL has a customizable user interface. This means that you can change the grid spacing and turn it off too. 

You can as well change the stroke on the shape in thickness, and color, either globally or individually. You can also organize files within the program in custom folders. 

SCAL has excellent zoom functionality. It can drag layers upwards and downwards on the panel of the layers.


SCAL offers both the PC and Mac versions. It stays on top of the latest operating systems existing in the market. 

It also can add it presets to store settings on both blades and materials.

Variety of plugins

It doesn’t matter the make or model of cutter you are using. SCAL offers plugins for more than 30 models making it suitable for those who buy multiple cutters.

Metric units

If you prefer working in the metric units, SCAL would be a great choice. It has options like cm, mm and inches. This is unlike Make the Cut, where the main display is inches only.

Design and cut stencils

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SCAL also has a stencil bridge function to help you connect shapes outside area easily. MTC has an erase tool to do this task.


  • You can fully control your design without thinking about its cartridges
  • Its cutting window offers various features like options to flip images and mirror before cutting
  • You can customize its user interface
  • It stays up to date
  • You can use it for different die-cutting machines


  • Mac users can’t use the free downloadable firmware update that should be installed on the Cricut. This is because it isn’t compatible with their PC.
  • You cannot use it to do more than one project like in MTC.

Make the Cut is inexpensive software that you can use in your Cricut cutting machine, and other die-cutting tools like Gazelle and Silhouette, among others. 

With MTC, you don’t need to buy cartridges since you can any design shapes. This user-friendly software can work with various file formats like SVG’s, and PDF’s among others.

Features of Make the Cut

Various file formats

Make the Cut offers several file formats to help you achieve desired results. The file formats are PNG, GIF, TIF, BMP, and JPG.

Advanced editing tools

Make the Cut offers accurate results because it has advanced editing tools.

Designing in Inkscape

With MTC, it is possible to copy and paste from Inkscape to MTC directly. That’s not possible with SCAL because you should first save in Inkscape as SVG and later import.

Freehand drawing

Cricut Design Space Alternative

MTC offers you a path to help you draw with a variety of patterns of dashes and dots.

Excellent Auto-tracing

MTC has a powerful pixel trace function which is easy to learn. It enables you to cut files freely. 

Through MTC, you can preview the tracing on a virtual mat.


  • Has a lattice tool that lets you create vector paths to enable the process of cutting to be easy
  • You can resize large raster images to avoid a software crash
  • Awesome auto-tracing
  • It can apply more than one trace on the same image


  • You need to use Inkscape or other similar programs to add, delete or move the individual nodes in your SVG files to manage everything.

There are many similarities between the Sure Cut vs Make the Cut, especially in the higher end vector programs like Corel Draw or Adobe illustrator. Below are some similar features.

Both of them can import various file formats. Some raster importing they can do are PNG, GIF, TIF, BMP, and JPG. 

The vector importing comprises of AI, SVG, PDF, EPS, WPC and GSD.

You can use both softwares to design what you want. 

This is possible because they have functions like drawing, freehand, auto-tracing, shadowing, node editing, freehand drawing, placing shapes and texts on a path, temporary font installation, jigsaw design, temporary font installation, and lattice design among others.

The winner

From our comparison on Sure Cuts a Lot vs Make the Cut, Make the Cut wins.

There is no doubt that Make the Cut is the best Cricut design space alternative. Make the Cut stands out because it allows you to edit and preview SVGs, and existing SVGs/fonts before importing them. 

You can also import TTF files directly. You don’t have to install fonts on your computer anymore. With MTC, it is possible to trace PNGs, JPGs, and BMPs, then convert them into the paper. 

The Notes page, in MTC, helps you keep track of all you did while using a file. If you love multitasking, MTC allows you to work on various projects at a go. 

You can copy, paste, or cut shapes between projects. The functionality of MTC is, in our opinion, better than that of SCAL.

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