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Cricut Design Space Problems

Cricut Design Space Problems And Fixes

The designing capability that comes with Cricut has been a hot topic ever since Cricut launched its cutting machines.

Designing power like embossing, scrapbooking, and any other craft carried out by Design Space has not been without criticism. Common issues with the Cricut Design Space are that users can’t log into Cricut Design Space, it won’t load, it opens to a blank white screen, slow loading speed, freezing, or crashing.

These problems annoy everyone, especially when they set deadlines for their projects.

Today, we’re discussing common Cricut design space problems and fixes.

Issues with Cricut Design Space

Design Space is extremely important software. However, Cricut has had some updates recently which appear to have created some short-term instability.

The new updates aim to play out well in the medium to long term, but the in the short term the updates have caused Cricut Design Space to not open, open to a white screen, open to a blank screen, or freeze.

Cricut Design Space Won’t Load

Cricut Design Space Problems

Slow internet connection is the biggest problem with Design Space. The software calls for excellent internet stability.

An unstable internet connection, with spikes and dips, causes problems working with the software. The simplest solution is to move your cutting machine closer to your modem.

As in video streaming, you always need an excellent download speed. However, you can’t ignore the upload speed and still stream well.

When it comes to Cricut Design Space, you’ll need good upload and download speeds. The software needs to continuously send and receive data while you are working on your designs.

Cricut recommends a minimum broadband connection of 2-3 Mbps download speed, and a minimum of 1-2 Mbps upload speed.

Should your upload and download speed be lower, and you believe that it is responsible for your problem with Design Space, reach out to your internet service provider. It might require you to change your modem to the one that meets the required speeds.

Computer Problems

If your internet speed is not the problem, you can move ontothe next possible problem which might be your device—PC, Mac, tablet, iPhone, or Android.

Each device must meet the requirements to function optimally. We’ll dig into each.

Design Space Not Working on PCs

If you’re a Windows user, your PC needs to meet the following conditions to operate with maximum performance:

  • Have a Windows 8 or a more current operating system
  • Your machine should have an Intel Core series or AMD processor
  • You should have a minimum of 4GB of RAM
  • A minimum of 50MB free disk space
  • Have a free USB port or Bluetooth connection

Design Space Not Working on Macs

If you’re using an Apple computer, your device must meet the following requirements to work conveniently with Design Space:

  • Have a Mac OS X 10.12 or more current operating system
  • A minimum processor speed of 1.83 GHz
  • A minimum free disk space of 50MBs
  • Have an open USB port or Bluetooth connection

Your device might have met all the computer requirements above, but you might still be experiencing problems working with Design Space on your Cricut machine.

Here are more issues that might be inconveniencing you to finish your project:

Background Programs

Running tons of background programs while you’re trying to use Design Space can be a reason for your problems.

At times, you might want to do more than one thing at once. You might be downloading the latest movies, streaming music on YouTube, or maybe uploading footage to your YouTube channel while trying to make a design on Design Space.

Depending on your computer capabilities, it might require you to stop running some of the background apps to operate smoothly on Design Space.

When you turn off background apps that you are not using, you speed every operation up.

More Solutions for Faster Computer Speed

There might be other reasons that are slowing your computer down. But here are some solutions to the most common slow computer problems:

  • Clear cache and browser histories
  • Find out the activity of your antivirus and execute an update if necessary
  • If you’re a Window user, update your drivers
  • Partition your hard drive
  • Execute a malware check

All this aims at solving speed problems with your computer and simultaneously solving the “Design Space not working” issue.

Browser Problems

Your browser might be another possible cause of Cricut problems.

Cricut officially specifies that regardless of the browser you’re using, it must be in the most recent version. It cuts across to all browsers—Firefox Mozilla, Microsoft Edge, or Chrome.

If one browser is not working, try other alternatives.

Imported Images Do Not Look Right

Sometimes you might upload an image only to find it has gaps or isn’t uniformly colored. This is usually a problem with the layers.

To resolve such an error, hit the Ctrl and A buttons simultaneously to select all the features of your design. Next, adjust the fill color to transparent.

This undoes the hidden color layer that might have been causing the design problem. Once your design is clear, you can carry on with the edits.

Reach Out to Cricut

Cricut Design Space Problems

Suppose you try all the above alternatives but none of them work, reach out to Cricut Customer care. The fastest and reliable way is to call them.

Cricut themselves agree that they added some features to improve the Cricut machine even more, but it appears to have created short term instability.

Another good option is to reach out to the manufactures to fix your problem.


It is normal to experience some problems using Design Space as a beginner. Some Cricut design problems are easy to identify and straightforward to fix, while others might require expert assistance.

However, as you get more experience using the machine, trying new features, you’ll be able to troubleshoot nearly all of these problems.

James M. Rai has been screen printing T-shirts and other textiles professionally and as a hobby for more than 15 years. During that time, he owned and operated a small screen printing shop in northern California for more than 7 years. More recently, James has gotten involved with Cricut and other cutting machines.

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  1. hi I am having difficulty getting my computer to tell my cricut what to do. It prints but it cutting is bad and the percentage on the design space does not move off 0 percent. it was running fine til I downloaded the update. Very discouraging

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