Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter Review

Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter Review

If you would love to create appealing lettering and designs, you should try using the Cricut personal electronic cutter. All you need to do is touch a button, and the Cricut will cut various letters and designs for scrapbooking paper projects, and card making.

The Cricut electronic cutter is meant for you if you would like a portable machine for cutting shapes, phrases, and letters. You can use it to cut characters ranging from 1 to 5-1/2 length and 11-1/2 inches wide.

Being incredibly versatile, it can cut various materials inclusive of cardstock and vellum. This machine is ideal for you if you want to make incredible scrapbooks.

We are going to do a Cricut personal electronic review whereby we will explore its features, pros, and cons.

What are the features of the Cricut Personal electronic cutter?

Cricut personal electronic cutter is excellent for scrapbooking due to the features that make it stand out. Below are features you would be thrilled to enjoy with this machine.

Portable and light machine

You need a machine that you can easily carry and move around with as you cut letters and shapes. The Cricut electronic cutter (CPEC) is a lightweight machine to help you achieve this.

This machine also uses light cartridges to cut complete sets or shapes. With a weight of only 9 pounds, you can move around with it from one place to another.

You can easily store it, saving space, on shelves, or another place in your working station.


You might need to create shapes and fonts using various materials. The CPEC caters to all your needs since it can cut various materials like cardstock, vinyl, paper, and vellum.

Ease of use

Whether you are tech-savvy or not, you can easily use this machine. You need to place the paper on the cutting mat, then load it to the device.

You can then insert the cartridge, choose your cutting and press out. You can use this machine without a computer.

With the machine’s simple controls, you can style and size the cut. The cartridge is a basic font style with few inbuilt shapes and phrases.


This is a personal die cutter machine that comes with a cutting blade, one cartridge, basic shapes, and 6×12 inch sticky cutting mats. It also comes with a power adapter, user guide, and a quick start guide.

Customizable cartridge

Do you love coming up with unique creations from your artwork? The goodness of the cartridges of this machine is that you can modify them to suit your needs.

The sizes range from 1-5½ inches in height and 11½ inches in width. The content that its cartridges have can be modified in six different ways.

Each cartridge offers various options. You can do this without using a computer.


Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter Review

You won’t be disappointed with the Cricut Personal electronic cutter. Even though you don’t need a computer to cut, it produces attractive and accurate results.

It cuts the letters or shapes you need in seconds.


This machine comes with a warranty of one year.

Different cartridges

If you have creative juices, you will enjoy using this machine. It has many options for cartridges that you can play with to come up with excellent results.

While the cartridges are a bit expensive, they are of high quality and won’t disappoint you. It draws and cuts up to 8.5 x12”.


  • Portable and easy to store in your working area
  • It draws and cuts well to produce accurate results
  • It is easy to customize shapes
  • You don’t need a computer to use it because it is cartridge-based
  • Comes with accessories like Gorge and Basic shapes cartridge
  • Can cut various materials


  • Replacing the cartridges can be quite expensive, and the cartridges also don’t last super long
  • You need extra cartridges to create fancy additional shapes and fonts.


We hope the Cricut personal electronic cutter review above has shed some light for you. Make awesome creations with this machine.

Cricut personal electronic cutter is one of the best machines for scrapbooking, among other tasks.

With the accessories it comes with, you don’t need to use it with a computer. The only drawback it has is that the cartridges can be a bit expensive.

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