Cricut vs Silhouette

Cricut vs. Silhouette – Which Is The Better Brand?

Different cutting machines are easy to compare. The comparison is ubiquitous, from a Google search for a second to a quora topic.

But comparing two similar products? It’s a real pain in the paper that faces every cutter to die.

Everyone in the market is wondering who is the best: cricket or silhouette?

Both have similar features and similar usage.

And as metal and embossing are more sophisticated, it is almost impossible to choose one brand over another, especially with a very specific set of requirements.

So it’s time to put the two to the test, and see who’s the best between Cricut vs Silhouette.

There are tons of die cutting machines out there. But we want to focus only on the two best, most useful ones to consider.

To be considered the 2 best, each machine had to meet three requirements: It had to be widely used by the cutting-edge community, to offer value across the board and it had to be reliable as well.

In these two we are going to examine and compare cutting power, user experience, software, pricing, pros, and cons to reach the overall quality and see who comes out on top.

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Cricut is best known for delivering accurate cuttings. Over the last few years, it has added software that has added tons of new utilities.


Cricket vs silhouette

Cricut is known for good quality, so their machines are referred to as “work horses” by several users. The machines stood out in their ability to maintain high standards.

For example, Cricut Maker has the best cutting power in the world that provides accurate cutting. It has a 4kg cutting power, and a built-in adaptive tool that changes everything just effortlessly.

This cutting power is 16X stronger than the strongest model of silhouette, the Cameo 3, which provides only 250g cutting power.

Compared to performance, Cricut wins a huge difference.

User Interface

Cricut is designed to make you happy. It displays a library of over 50,000 online images for use as templates. Plus you can import your own photos to get started.

What’s more, you won’t need a do-it-yourself guide – with the touch of a “smart set” dial; You can automatically create the cuts.

However, it would be a little exaggerated to say that it displays a simple UI compared to the Silhouette’s absolute interface. Silhouette strikes Cricut for an ultimate user experience.


For many people the software is just as important as any other feature.

Cricut uses Design Space software. The software is available for free and includes options with premium features.

The software has developed a strong platform on the accessible iOS system even when you do not have an Internet connection. However, they are not yet launching an Android to Android platform.

The only problem with Design Space software is that it does not have offline access via Mac or PC, but with a network, it works just fine.

Despite this problem, Cricket leads marginally over its sworn, silhouetted opponent whose software has minor problems that cost them their customers.


Although Cricket has a manual die cutter, it produces the cheapest e-cutter, Explore One, which retails for $ 149.99.

The most expensive model of cricket, the maker goes for $ 400 which is $ 100 more than the most expensive model of silhouette, Camo 3.

However, Cricket has a wide spectrum of die-cutters. It has cheap beginner cutters for the sophisticated heavy cutter.

Cricket has everything for everyone. Because of the variety of prices available to everyone, cricket has a slight advantage over silhouette, which has a limited spectrum to choose from.

  • You can cut and write at the same time, saving you time
  • Premium designs, cartridges and cutting tools are purchased separately, making them more expensive
  • Smoothly compatible with iOS platform
  • You cannot connect to your PC or Mac when you do not have an Internet network
  • Allows wireless upload from a computer via Bluetooth adapter
  • You can make your own print albums, T-shirt designs, vinyl stickers, stickers, decorative accents, cupcake toppers, etc.


Silhouette is a quality, soft but thick paper cutter. It is designed for embossing and mastectomy.


Although a silhouette is not a dog in the making, it would be an exaggeration to call it a workhorse. Its strongest model, the Cameo 3 features only 250g cutting power, compared to its sworn opponent, Cricut, which features a 4kg cutting power.

Compared to performance, Cricut comes out on top of the silhouette machine.

User Interface

When it comes to ease of use, the word-cutter of silhouette is uncompromising. It boasts a beginner level user interface.

In fact, it’s the only platform and software you can easily interact with. The software is accessible offline using a computer, a process that cannot be done in Cricut.

Better yet, a silhouette incorporates Pixscan technology that allows accurate cropping around any printed image.

Even more, the machine presents a linking tool that allows you to send cut jobs from any device directly to your cutter. It also has a cloud feature that lets you sync, design, and store directories for easy access.

This is the thumbnail silhouette for displaying a solid die cutter with a host of tools to help you cope with various tasks easily.


Cricket vs silhouette

Silhouette uses Silhouette Studio software. This feature is free of cost but displays multiple premium features.

With silhouette, you can enjoy offline access easily via Mac and PC.

The only problem is that it lacks offline access on Android and iOS platforms. However, their software seems to require more work, since you can only use it for small designs.

To make matters worse, syncing Silhouette Studio software with Cameo’s Bluetooth system is daunting. These slight inconveniences give Cracott a marginal edge over silhouette.


The cheapest model of silhouette, Portrait 2 goes for $ 199 while its most expensive substrate cutter, Camay 3 goes for $ 300.

Unfortunately, he lacks a wide variety of dead cutters for almost everyone. This gives cricket a slight edge over silhouette.

  • A sleek design that makes it extremely easy to use
  • Quite expensive
  • Does not use cartridges
  • Relatively low pressure makes it difficult to cut anything harder than a slab
  • Bluetooth compatibility that enables wireless cutting
  • Compatible with PC and Mac


Now is the time for a question we think:

“What’s best between cricket and silhouette?”

Obviously, it depends a lot on what matters to you and what you work the most.

But when it comes to pure value, Cricket wins for us. This is mainly because it includes almost all the cutting tools and its pricing is well laid out to suit almost everyone.

If you have to choose one electronic cutting machine, Cricut would be better.

It’s really a tough call to take. But honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of the tools.


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