Cricut vs Silhouette

Cricut vs. Silhouette – Which Is The Better Brand?

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It is easy to compare different cutting machines. The comparison is everywhere, from a one-second Google search to asking on Quora.

But comparing two similar products? That`s a real pain in the paper that faces every die-cutter.

Everyone in the market is wondering which is the best: Cricut or Silhouette?

The two both have similar features and similar usage.

And as die-cutting and embossing get more sophisticated, it is becoming nearly impossible to choose one brand over the other, especially with a very specific set of requirements.

So it is time to put the two to a test, and see which the best is between Cricut vs Silhouette.

There are tons of die cutter machines out there. But we want to focus on only the best two, the most useful that you should consider.

To be considered as the best 2, each machine had to meet three requirements: It must be widely used by the die-cutting community, offer above-board value and must be reliable, as well.

It is in these two that we`re going to examine and compare cutting power, user experience, software, pricing, pros, and cons to come up with overall quality and see who comes out on top.

Cricut is best known for delivering precise cuttings. Over the last few years, it added software which added tons of new utilities.



Cricut vs. Silhouette

Cricut is well-known for good quality, such that their machines are dubbed as “workhorses” by several users. The machines have stood out in their ability to maintain high standards.

For instance, Cricut Maker has the world`s best cutting force that provides precise cutting. It has a cutting force of 4 kg, and a built-in Adaptive tool that changes everything with effortless precision.

This cutting power is 16X more powerful than Silhouette's most powerful model, Cameo 3, which provides a cutting force of only 250 grams.

On comparing performance, Cricut wins by a huge margin.

User Interface

Cricut is designed to delight. It presents a library of over 50,000 online images to use as templates. Besides that, you can import images of your own to get started.

What`s more, you won't need a manual to switch the DIY gears—with a touch of the “Smart Set” dial; you can automatically generate the cuts.

However, it would be a bit of an overstatement to say that it presents a simple user interface compared to Silhouette`s no brainer interface. Silhouette beats Cricut on providing ultimate user experience.


For many folks, the software is as important as any other feature.

Cricut uses Design Space software. The software is available for free, and has premium-features options.

The software has developed a powerful platform on the iOS system that is accessible even when you`ve no internet connection. However, they`re yet to launch an Android platform for Android.

The only problem with Design Space software is that it doesn`t have offline access via Mac or PC, but with a network, it works mighty fine. 

Despite this problem, Cricut takes a marginal lead over its sworn rival, Silhouette, whose software has minor problems that cost them their customers.


Even though Cricut has a manual die cutter, it produces the cheapest electronic die cutter, the Explore One that retails for $149.99.

The most expensive model of Cricut, the Maker goes for $400, which is $100 more than the most expensive model of Silhouette, Cameo 3.

However, Cricut presents a wide spectrum of die cutters. It has cheap cutters for beginners to the sophisticated heavy-duty cutter.

Cricut has everything for everyone. Because of the well-spread price variety for everyone, Cricut has a slight edge over Silhouette, which has a limited spectrum to choose from.


  • You can cut and write at the same time, saving you time
  • Seamlessly compatible with iOS platform
  • Allows wireless uploads from a computer using the Bluetooth adapter
  • You can make your scrapbooks, tee-shirt designs, vinyl decals, stickers, decorative accents, cupcake toppers, etc.


  • Premium designs, cartridges, and cutting tools are purchased separately making it more expensive
  • You cannot connect with PC or Mac when you’ve no internet network

Silhouette is a soft quality yet thick paper cutter. It is intended for embossing and die-cutting.



Even though Silhouette isn`t an underdog in performance, it would be an overstatement to call it a workhorse. Its most powerful model, Cameo 3 presents a cutting force of only 250grams, compared to its sworn rival, Cricut, which presents a cutting force of 4kgs.

In comparing performance, Cricut comes out on top of the Silhouette machine.

User Interface

When it comes to ease of use, the Silhouette die-cutter is non-compromising. It boasts a beginner-level user interface.

In fact, it is the only platform and software that you can easily interact with. The software is accessible offline using a computer, a process that is impossible to execute on Cricut.

Better yet, Silhouette incorporates Pixscan technology that allows precise cutting around any printed images.

And even more, the machine presents a link utility that allows you to send cut jobs from any device right into your cutter. It also has a cloud feature that makes it possible to synchronize, design, and store libraries for ease of access.

It is a thumbs-up for Silhouette for presenting a solid die cutter with a line-up of utilities that helps you handle different tasks readily.


Cricut vs. Silhouette

Silhouette uses the Silhouette Studio software. This feature is cost-free but presents multiple premium features.

With Silhouette, you can readily enjoy offline access via Mac and PC.

The only problem is that it lacks offline access on Android and iOS platforms. What`s more, their software appears to require more work as you can only use it for little designs.

To make the matter worse, syncing the Silhouette Studio software with the Cameo`s Bluetooth system is daunting. These minor inconveniences give Cricut a marginal lead over Silhouette.


The cheapest model of Silhouette, the Portrait 2 goes for $199 while its most expensive die cutter, Cameo 3 goes for $300.

Unfortunately, it lacks a wide-spectrum of die cutters for nearly everyone. This gives Cricut a slight edge over Silhouette.


  • Sleek design which makes it extremely easy to use
  • Doesn`t use cartridges
  • Bluetooth compatibility which allows wireless cutting
  • Compatible with PC and Mac


  • Fairly expensive
  • Relatively low-pressure which makes it harder to cut anything tougher than a clipboard

Which Die Cutting Machine has the Best Overall Value

Now it is the time for the question that`s probably on your mind:

“Which is the best between Cricut and Silhouette?”

Obviously, that depends a lot on what`s important to you, and what you work most on.

But when it comes to pure value, Cricut wins for us. That`s mostly because it fully features nearly all die-cutting utilities and its pricing is well-spread to fit almost everyone.

Cricut vs. Silhouette Final Verdict

If you have to pick one electronic cutting machine, Cricut would be better.

It is truly a hard call to take. But honestly, you can`t go wrong with either tool.

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