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Harry Potter SVG – How To Make A Design With Them

Are you fascinated with anything to do with Harry Porter? If yes, you might be thrilled to find out the best Harry Porter SVG cut file.

A lot of people are. And there is a bunch of great Harry Potter SVG files out there.

The daunting task is finding the right one.  We will explore both free Harry Potter SVG files as well as the premium ones.

Harry Potter SVG Free

Online there are plenty of free Harry Potter cut files. These SVGs play a crucial role in designing mugs, t-shirts, and tons of different other projects with the Silhouette and Cricut machines.

So here are a few fun freebies that you can use.

  1. HP SVG
  2. Harry Potter Quidditch SVG
  3. Free Crest SVG
  4. Free Patronus  SVG
  5. Harry Potter Wand SVG
  6. Free Hermione SVG
  7. Glasses SVG
  8. Harry Potter name
  9. Deathly hallow SVG
  10. Harry Potter castle SVG

In addition to these freebies, there are even more paid Harry Potter SVGs.

With a budget of as little as $4.99, you can get a compilation of hundreds of cut files for both Silhouette and Cricut.

Here are some of the best seller premium SVGs:

  1. Top 250 Bundle
  2. I Solemnly Swear Up To No Good
  3. Harry Potter Aguamenti SVG
  4. Harry Potter Love SVG
  5. Tale of Three Brother SVG
  6. 450 SVG Bundle
  7. Harry Potter SVG

What Stuff can you make with Harry Potter Cut files?

Harry Potter SVG

There are tons of free SVGs.

But before getting to what to make, confirm what the license of each download comes with. If you`re looking forward to making Harry Potter products for sale, take a closer look at the trademark and copyright issues.

Only after that, you`re set to get into the cutting process. And here is a list of what you can design with Harry Potter SVG:

  • A Harry Potter t-shirt
  • Reverse converses
  • Wall window decals
  • Mugs
  • Car decal

Literally, you can make anything you can imagine with the Harry Potter SVGs as long as you have a capable cutting machine.

If you`re using a powerful tool like the Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore Air 2, you can cut SVGs out in either HTV or Adhesive Vinyl.

You can use adhesive vinyl to make car, window, or wall decals. The HTV you can use for t-shirt designing.

Since Harry Potter t-shirts are what most people make, let`s walk through the process of cutting it. You’ll need:

  • Impressed Vinyl
  • Cricut cutting machine
  • Heat press machine

First, let`s start with the upload of your SVG.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Making a Harry Potter t-shirt

1: Upload and size the Harry Potter SVG to Fit Your Shirt

How to Upload Harry Potter SVG Cut File

If you already know how to upload and resize SVGs head directly to step 2.

To use your downloaded SVG file, you need to understand how to upload it to the Cricut Design Space. If you don’t know yet, here is a simple guide to get you started.

First, the SVG file format is crucial because it is editable and scalable within the Design Space.

Once on Design Space on your project, click the “upload” button, and then hit the “upload image” option. This opens a drop-down menu. Select “browse” to navigate to the location where you saved the Harry Porter SVG.

Next, hit the “open” button after successfully locating the file and your SVG will upload to Design Space. Once on the design space, you can change the name of the SVG to make it searchable.

Finally, Hit the “save” option after editing.

To add the SVG file into a project, select the green border around it, and hit the “insert images” button. The image will open ready to use, and it will be huge at first.

To resize it, hit the “Zoom Out” button to the size you prefer. The size also hugely depends on the type of machine you`re using.

Adjust the width and the height of your design to suit the size you want your design to be by editing your SVG.

Step 2: Mirror all Your Mat

Once you`ve customized your Harry Potter SVG and feel satisfied with it, mirror all your mats, keeping in mind that you`re using the heat transfer vinyl.

Suppose you make a design too large for the mat, the cutting machine will let you know.

Step 3: Cut Out Your Design

If your machine is Cricut Maker, head over to the “Iron-On” option in the “material setting” which is in the Cricut Design Space. Suppose your cutting tool is the Explore Air 2, adjust the dial to “Iron-On”.

Next, place your HTV`s shiny side down on the mat, with the vinyl facing upward. Then, to cut out the racetrack, tape the cutting mat together with the low track painter tape.

Step 4: Weed All the Parts of the Design

Now that your design has various cut-outs, get rid of the undesirable HTV. Be careful so that you don`t weed away anything you want and leave an unwanted piece.

Step 5: Pre-Press your Garment

When it comes to pre-pressing your garment, it isn`t advisable to use ordinary iron for big HTV transfer. Instead, set up the heat press.

It is quite challenging to apply your design to the garment correctly. For this t-shirt designing project, the PowerPress Heat Press can be handy.

For impressed Vinyl Heat Press, set it between 300 °F and 320 °F. Set the temperature and wait for it to heat up for about 10 minutes.

Pre-press your garment once you`ve reached the desired temperature for 2-3 seconds to get rid of wrinkles and moisture from the fabric.

Step 6: Press your design

Harry Potter SVG

After pre-pressing, press your design for about 10 seconds at 300 °F – 320 °F. Then press the top position of the Harry Potter design first as it is difficult to pin it all at once.

Finally, allow your design to cool down, and then peel the carrier sheet away and you’ll be done. Your Harry Potter t-shirt is ready.

Apart from t-shirts, you can use the Harry Potter free SVG to make tons of DIY Harry Potter projects. Remember that all free SVGs are for personal use.

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