How To Clean A Cricut Mat

How To Clean A Cricut Mat

Would you like to clean a Cricut mat and make it sticky once more? Cricut mats should last for at least 25-40 uses.

However, if you clean them, they can last longer than expected, saving you money.

There are various ways of cleaning a Cricut mat. You can either light clean them or use the heavy-duty way.

We will start with the light way of cleaning them then head over to the heavy-duty way next.

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Method 1: Light-cleaning the Cricut

Light cleaning can be done using a sticky lint roller, baby wipes, or soap, and warm water. However, try to use non-toxic and safe cleaners. In this case, warm water and dish soap are great.

Using Soap and warm water

Take warm water and dish soap and mix them.

Cover the mat with the mixture.

Remove excess shorting on the mat by rubbing it.

Use a normal dish sponge to scrub the mat. You might as well brush it to achieve the same results.

Dry the mat after cleaning. However, don’t dry your mat with a towel. Some fibers may be left on them and can be transferred to your material.

You should also note that you are not supposed to use hot water, only warm water. The heat from hot water warps Cricut mats, making them fail to fit on your machine.

Sticky lint roller

How To Clean A Cricut Mat

A sticky lint roller can remove bits of paper, hairs, fibers, and dust from your mat. You can clean it this way daily when you notice dirt on it.

Sticky lint rollers are excellent for getting rid of bits of paper and slivers remaining. If you have a less-tacky cutting mat, this is the best option to use.

Baby wipes

Here is how you can use baby wipes to clean your Cricut mat. The baby wipes should be free from alcohol, unscented, and free from corn starch or talcum powder as well.

You should, therefore, choose a plain baby wipe to avoid coating your Cricut mat with oils and other solvents. Failure to do this will cause the baby wipes to interfere with your mat’s stickiness.

After wiping the mat, let it dry before using it again.

After cleaning your mat, you will realize that it is not sticky anymore. Wait to confirm if it is still sticky until after it’s dry.

You will have to make it sticky again using the method discussed later in this post.

Method 2: Abrasive method

This method is a bit intensive, unlike light cleaning. It involves using an adhesive remover so that it can clean your mat thoroughly. An adhesive remover is a strong solvent that dissolves some glue sticking on your mat to aid in removing all dirt stuck on it.

Below is how you can use it to clean your mat.

You should first read the directions on your adhesive remover to know the dos and don’ts of using it.

Spray or pour some adhesive remover on your Cricut mat.

Use a scraper to spread it around the mat. You can also use a firm piece of plastic like a credit card you are not using.

Allow the solvent to stay for some time. If it stays longer, it will remove more dirt from your mat. You could allow it to stand for 20-30 minutes depending on the solvent you are using.

Scrape the dirty adhesive away from your mat with a scraper. Paper towels or cloth can also work in place of a scraper.

Use warm water and soap to clean any residue left on your mat.

Allow your mat to dry.

If you try to light clean your mat and still doesn’t look good, you could try this second method. You can use an adhesive remover like Goo Gone which is reliable.

You could as well use other options like LA’s Totally Awesome All Purpose Concentrated Cleaner, 70% Isopropyl alcohol, or De-Solv-it Universal Stain Remover & Pre-wash.

How can you make a Cricut mat sticky again after washing?

How To Clean A Cricut Mat

It’s normal for the stickiness to disappear after washing a Cricut mat. The following steps will help you to resolve this.

Use Stickiness remover or alcohol to get rid of the original sticky layer. You can use an adhesive that will stick on the mat.

Cover the surface with an adhesive like Goo Gone.

Strip off the edge of the mat.

You need to free stickiness from the edge of the mat. Use masking tape or painter’s tape so that you don’t get adhesives on such areas.

Use a repositionable adhesive to cover the surface. Rejuvenate your mat with an adhesive from online retailers or craft stores.

You need to apply the adhesive in 2-3 coats. You can use adhesives like:

  • Quilt basting spray
  • Repositionable glue sticks
  • Tacky glue-like Alee’s Tack it Over & Over
  • Quilt basting spray

Allow the adhesive to dry thoroughly.  You can now remove the tape from the mat and use it after it has dried.

Proper drying lets the adhesive be bonded to the mat to avoid sticking too much on the paper you will be cutting.


Cleaning your Cricut mat shouldn’t be tricky anymore. You can try to light clean it and if it doesn’t work, do the thorough method of cleaning.

After cleaning it, use the right glue to make it sticky again.

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