how to make cricut mat sticky again

How to Make Cricut Mat Sticky Again

A sticky Cricut mat is essential so that your material cannot slide when the machine is cutting. You will realize from the first use that Cricut mats tend to be sticky and remain sticky for a couple of more cuts. 

After some time, it becomes less sticky or not sticky at all. It is helpful to make it sticky again before the next use. Then you won’t waste materials and have a jammed machine as well. 

Remember that cutting mats are a bit expensive. Cricut mats are made from rubber, meaning they are tacky. 

They make it possible to stick vinyl or paper on the mat so that they can evenly slide through the machine. 

Then they will lose their sticky nature over time. Some users have tried using watered-down glue, which didn’t make their mats sticky enough. 

Some users don’t know that before re-sticking a Cricut mat, they must ensure that the mat is clean. 

For that reason, we will first learn how to clean a Cricut mat, and then make it sticky again.


How To Know it is Time to Clean Your Mat?

When you first buy your Cricut mat, it is very sticky. You may notice materials sticking on it, but once you commence cutting, they start sliding as they create bubbles.

If you ignore this, the accuracy of your cuts will reduce and unnecessary waste materials will increase. Your project might end up being unsuccessful. 

To save materials, time, and money, you must clean your mat. You will know when it is time to clean your Cricut mat the moment the materials no longer stick to the mat. 

It does happen where many mats lose their stickiness when you clean them. This might make you wonder how do you properly clean these mats.

We’re going to cover these aspects.  

How Can You Clean Your Cricut Mat?

Cleaning a Cricut mat is crucial because it helps them last longer. There are many ways of cleaning it, and here we will review some of them.

  • Light Cleaning

This should be the first step in cleaning your mat. It would help if you used a Cricut machine or a hard plastic scraper. 

Gently run the material on the surface to remove the debris. Repeat this a few times before the next step.

  • Baby wipes

Did you know that you could make use of baby wipes to clean your Cricut mat? They are great as they moisturize it leaving it soft. Baby wipes are fantastic, especially if your Cricut mat is a bit dirty. 

You can use them before using lint rollers to finalize the cleaning process. However, you must note that you can’t use all baby wipes to clean your mat. 

Ensure that the wipes are free from alcohol.  Otherwise, your mat will never be sticky again.

Run the baby wipes on your Cricut mat softly as you cover everything. You can use them alongside lint rollers.

  • Lint Rollers

You can use lint rollers to remove any build-up on your Cricut mat. The best thing about lint rollers is that they are quite sticky. These add some stickiness to your mat. 

Lint rollers serve two purposes, cleaning and restoring the stickiness. However, you can only use lint rollers if your mat has less build-up.

  • Adhesive remover and Soapy Water

Another way of cleaning your Cricut mat is by soaking it in soapy water for a couple of minutes. Soaking helps to loosen some build-up and dirt from the mat. 

You can as well use adhesive removers by applying them on the mat and letting them stay for 10-20 minutes. Rinse it using a scraper as you pull the remaining build-up from it. 

When you use soap and water and still notice some stuck stuff, consider trying another heavy-duty product.

  • Allow The Mat To Air Dry

Now that you have removed the build-up let the mat air dry. Sometimes after drying, you will be able to check that the mat is sticky or not. 

If you deep cleaned big debris from the mat then it may no longer be sticky. You will need to make it sticky again.

How Can You Restick Your Mat Again?

You have cleaned your mat. Now it’s time to make it sticky. Here are the crucial steps you need to follow.

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  • Remove the Original Sticky Layer

Your mat has the original layer that was once sticky. Use alcohol to rub the surface so that you can remove it. 

Another option is a stickiness remover like Goo Gone. A scrapper is an excellent tool to help you remove the surface off from the Cricut mat.

  • Tape Your Mat’s Edges

Remove stickiness from the edges of your Cricut mat. Otherwise, the edges get pulled through the rollers of the machine. 

You can use masking tape or painter’s tape and tape off the edges. Ensure that the tips don’t get sticky with that adhesive or they can destroy the rollers.

  • Cover Your Mat With an Adhesive

Restore the stickiness of your mat by covering it with an adhesive. There are many adhesives out there. Spray some on the mat while you can brush some. 

You can choose from adhesives like repositionable glue sticks, repositionable scrapping book glue, repositionable spray adhesive, tacky glue, or quilt basting spray.

  • Allow The Adhesive To Dry

Now it’s time to thoroughly dry the adhesive. This enables the adhesive to bond firmly on the mat surface and doesn’t get too sticky on the paper you are trying to cut.

After drying it, remove the tape and it is ready for use.

Making your Cricut mat sticky again should no longer be a problem. Dirt is a primary cause of reducing the Cricut mat’s stickiness. 

This can result in poor quality projects. Therefore, you want to take good care of your mat so that it can last longer. So ensure that you clean it when necessary and make it sticky again.

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