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How To Print Names On T-Shirts Easily

A few weeks ago I hosted my baby shower, and in the party favors, I put a T-shirt with the baby girl’s name on it as a surprise for my guests. I hadn’t told a soul what I wanted to call her yet, so you can imagine their delight when they opened the bag and found her name printed on a top for them all to take home. 

Printing names, logos, and designs on T-shirts is such an easy thing to do. For some reason, we think it is far more complicated and spend hundreds of dollars sending it off to get professionally done. Well, not anymore, save your cash and do it at home easily and cheaply!

Step 1:

Purchase your T-shirts. Invest in 100% cotton T-shirts as they will be softer and more comfortable to wear, plus the print will stay on them a lot longer too without creasing. 

Step 2:

Get yourself plenty of sheets of T-shirt transfer paper. If you have got light or white T-shirts, then you will need a light transfer paper. Dark transfer paper is only used on dark T-shirts. 

Step 3:

You now need to print the name onto the transfer paper. This is super easy, just type the name out on your computer in the font you desire and click print!

Please Note: you will need to mirror the font if you are printing on a light T-shirt paper. This is because the image and font are reversed. This is NOT the case with dark T-shirt paper, so don’t mirror the text if you have dark T-shirts. 

Top Tip: Print a few names onto one paper so that you do not waste the transfer paper. 

Step 4:

Place a cotton pillow onto a table ready for ironing. Do not iron the name onto the shirt on an ironing board.

Step 5:

Place the text onto the T-shirt and iron the transfer paper on the shirt. If you have purchased fancy transfer paper, the paper will change color when it is hot enough to stop ironing. 

If your transfer paper doesn’t have a thermal indicator, press the iron onto the T-shirt for several minutes while running the iron back and forth. Once you have been ironing for a couple of minutes, pull the corner of the transfer paper up to see if the text has transferred onto the T-shirt. 

DO NOT peel off the paper before the area has completely cooled down!

Step 6:

Once the T-shirt is completely cool, peel off the transfer paper to reveal the name successfully printed onto the T-shirt.

By the way, if you are struggling like I was to pick a name for your baby girl, check out this site that is full of amazing name ideas. I hope it helps you out as much as it helped me!

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