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Silver Bullet Cutter Review

Silver Bullet Cutter Review

A Deep Dive into the Silver Bullet

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Silver Bullet is a multipurpose crafting machine built by the company of the same name, designed to handle an impressive range of tasks and materials in a flash. The Silver Bullet cutter will handle metal, soap, balsa and more on top of the usual materials, and can hole punch, distress, emboss and more.

The Silver Bullet cutter’s biggest bragging point is its motor, which moves at eight hundred millimeters a second and provides more than twelve hundred grams of cutting pressure. Unlike many similarly powered units, the Silver Bullet cutting machine is remarkably quiet, a welcome relief when working on larger projects.

Several models are available in a variety of widths, with the largest at forty-eight inches. All have unlimited feed length, so you can process long pieces of material at one go. The case is built to keep the cutting elements and electronics behind a double safety catch.

As with many digital cutters, the Silver Bullet cutter machine includes its own software package which is a surprisingly detailed program that can import and edit a number of file formats. The support package includes a number of helpful tutorials and live customer assistance and access to a forum of experienced users that are more than willing to share their tips and tricks on this machine.

One thing that might customers from buying this cutter is the price. The Silver Bullet is 2000USD, well beyond the range of many similar machines.

Who’s it For?

The Silver Bullet die cut machine is a hit for serious crafters, able to make a dazzling array of projects with the most difficult of materials and techniques and processing an unlimited length of materials. Even commercial users can find themselves a fast friend in this machine; it boasts the support and durability that are needed for heavier printing projects.

This machine is not for the frugal user, with the smallest model still demanding four figures. Newer users may find themselves out of their depth among the Silver Bullets many features.

As a computer and power supply are both required, this machine is not for those without these items.

What We Like About the Silver Bullet Cutter

The motor is a cut above the rest of the field, moving eight hundred millimeters a second and cutting with twelve hundred grams of force. It’s quiet enough to keep running even over longer projects without being a nuisance.

Silver Bullet sports an incredible number of options, with scores of useable materials, and is capable of an impressive variety of jobs. A backless feed and multiple rollers allow for longer projects and an exact feed of larger pieces of materials.

Although the Silver Bullet does not use laser cutting to avoid scorching the materials, it does have a laser alignment array and is accurate to fractions of a millimeter. Several cutting modes are available for different combinations of techniques or working speeds.

The software is well put together and allows for the import of many image formats from both Windows and Apple, as well as an editing package to adjust it to your liking. A robust customer support package and online forum are available to help you set up the machine and work out any problems that arise.

What We Don’t Like About the Silver Bullet Cutter

The main drawback for the Silver Bullet is the price. The Silver Bullet cutter will be beyond the reach of all but the most prolific hobbyists, edging into the commercial range.

At a minimum of eighteen inches and more than ten pounds, it can be too bulky to fit comfortably on a desk or move around at need.

The machine is fairly advanced and will be tricky to use for the first few times, and is hard to troubleshoot on one’s own. As the device is from a relatively small supplier, it is in a continual state of upgrade and development.


  • Cutting force and precision well beyond the rest of the field.
  • The backless feed allows unlimited material
  • Impressive range of materials and operations
  • Strong support package and community
  • Quiet and durable


  • Prohibitively expensive
  • Complicated to learn and use
  • Bulky chassis is hard to position and store

What’s Included

Along with the machine and power cables, the Silver Bullet die cutter will come with the proprietary Silver Bullet software package for both Windows and Apple. Some basic tools are included but more specialized ones or replacement parts will need to be bought separately.

A cutting mat is included, as well as replacements for the plastic parts. Most accessories and replacements will need to be bought separately.

Overview of Features

Silver Bullet cutter machine’s main feature is the motor assembly, moving at eight hundred millimeters a second and giving twelve hundred fifty grams of cutting power. Like the rest of the machine, it is built of either lightweight metals or thicker plastics than usual for a more durable device.

A limited interface is positioned on top of the chassis, although the min input is from the user’s computer. The feed is backless and powered by three separate rollers to keep the selected media feeding smoothly.

All Silver Bullet tools can be used in this machine, creating its impressive versatility. Some assembly is required to properly hook up the tools, and the software will need some practice to get right.

Silver Bullet includes a USB disk or CD with their proprietary design software, compatible with recent versions of both Windows and Apple operating systems. Most image files can be imported.

The Silver Bullet is a single carriage, and there are no spots to store the tools on the machine’s body. The machine is as yet not available on Amazon and must be purchased from the manufacturer.


The Silver Bullet cutter machine is undeniably impressive, making even large and difficult projects a breeze. Multiple operations and the number of materials available make it a solid choice for frequent crafters or even smaller commercial studios.

Those with anything less are advised to look for a smaller or less costly option. The Silver Bullet’s price is fully justified for those in need of its considerable capabilities, but is not for anything less.

James M. Rai has been screen printing T-shirts and other textiles professionally and as a hobby for more than 15 years. During that time, he owned and operated a small screen printing shop in northern California for more than 7 years. More recently, James has gotten involved with Cricut and other cutting machines.