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Vinyl Cutting Software: Check Our Top 5 List for 2021

While most vinyl cutters come with their own cutting software, some of them might be limited in terms of features and capabilities, hence the need to upgrade to a better software.

Lucky for you, there are multiple vinyl cutting softwares out which you can choose from. 

However, not all of them will meet your specific vinyl cutting needs.

The best software for you will depend on the type of cutting machine you’re using, your experience with the design programs (have you used such software before?), your budget, and how powerful you’d like your designs to look.

That being said, we’ve compiled our list of the 5 best vinyl cutting software below for people with different vinyl cutting needs. We've also found one free vinyl cutting software for you.

Here’s the list:

1. Easy Cut Studio

The Easy Cut Studio is one our most favorite vinyl cutting software. We mainly love its great interface which enables you to directly draw your own images on your cutting mat.

Probably the most important feature you should look for in a vinyl cutting software is SVG (scalable vector graphics) support…this is because most cutting machines come programmed to work with the integrated cutting software only. The SVG feature makes it possible for you to move files from one software to the other

Fortunately, this software supports file importation and exportation.

The software’s support for vectorization is probably the best you’ll ever find in the industry.

It works with both Mac and Windows OS.

2. Sure Cuts A Lot

Sure Cuts A Lot is also an extremely easy to use cutting software that supports fonts combination, importing your own cut lines, shapes, and even drawing your own.

The software brings with it a great deal of functionality found in Photoshop as well as other Adobe editing products into the SCAL workflow (easy-to-use guidelines, magnetic snapping, and even masking).

The fact that SCAL supports both OpenType and TrueType fonts means that you’ll have unlimited fonts options to pick from

And if you have pre-existing images that aren’t in vector form, you can make use of the auto-tracing features to easily convert them into cut images. In other words, this is a great software for making signs.

Like the previous software, Sure Cuts A Lot also works with both Mac and Windows OS.

3. CorelDRAW

Proudly designed by Corel Corporation, CorelDRAW is also a favorite vinyl cutting software for many…mainly because its’s easy to learn and comes with an affordable price tag.

Ideal for both beginners and advanced designers, this professional grade application enables you to easily edit your designs with the help of its user-friendly tools. The simple fact that it’s a vector design application means that you’ll have an easy time using it for your vinyl cutting projects.

The software package comes with a set of professional-quality image and illustrations, helpful design templates, and training videos which you’ll find quite helpful.

Keep in mind that this software is compatible with Mac and Windows OS.

4. VinylMaster Cut (best value for money)

The VinylMaster Cut keeps growing probably due to the fact that this is the best value for money you can find on the market today.

It comes with an affordable cost compared to most of the other software on the market. Plus, it offers several payment options to pick from—including subscription, pay by the month, and club membership options (for higher levels like VinylMaster DSR and VinylMaster Pro).

Other than price, VinylMaster is a real graphic design software designed to handle all types of projects, including signs, banners, decals, shapes, lettering, posters, logos, etc.

It supports up to 500 cutters and printers, so it’ll definitely work with your cutter.

Like the other apps we’ve featured on this list, this one also supports vector based artwork (simple text, shapes, and curves).

It presents you with a set of basic design features and tools and lets you easily lay out your design and artwork before exporting it to your vinyl cutter machine.

5. Inkscape (best FREE software)

If you want to get a feel of what a great vinyl cutting software can do without spending a dime, then Inkscape is your go-to software.

Whether you’re a designer, illustrator, web designed or anyone who want to come up with some vector imagery, this 100% FREE cutting software is made for you.

It presents you with a suite of flexible drawing tools, powerful text tool, broad file format and compatibility, Bezier and Spiro curves.

Similar to the premium models, this software also supports Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), which means it’ll work with your vinyl cutter even if its programmed to work with its native cutting software only.

Using Inkscape is super-easy for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or pro designed.

Their detailed FAQs page will provide you with all the information you need as well as answer all your questions regarding this fantastic software.

Final Verdict

That’s our list of the 5 best cutting software. The software included in this list will meet the needs of everyone—whether you’re a beginner or pro. All the featured software come with awesome set of features that will enable you to easily manipulate your vector images for cutting.

And the best part? They all support SVG, which means they’ll work with just any cuter you can think of. The fact that they support both Windows and Mac operation systems makes them even more amazing.

NOTE that the premium software's come with free trials to enable you to test them to see if they’ll meet your needs before buying them.


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