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How Much Does a T-shirt Weigh?

Knowing how much weight your t-shirt has will help you determine the right amount to charge especially if you’re selling online.

It also helps you set the right shipping cost if you’re posting to another country.

The weight of a shirt is also proportional to its fabric thickness.

That said, the weight of a t-shirt ranges from 4oz to 7oz. the exact weight of a shirt will depend on the type of material used to design it, the size, and even humidity (the wetness and dryness of a shirt).

How Much T-shirts Weigh?

TO establish the weight range of various t-shorts, we took the most popular brands and put on the weighing machine.

We ended up with figures ranging from as little as 4oz to as high as 6.4, enabling us to come with the 4 to 7 oz weight range.

Here’s the table of our results:






Fruit of the loom (budget t-shirts)4.51oz4.83oz5.07oz5.64oz6.10oz
Gildan softstyle (mens)4.26oz4.86oz5.39oz5.67oz6.45oz
Gildan softstyle (womens)3.81oz4.05oz4.51oz4.97oz5.50oz
American apparel4.16oz4.58oz4.97oz5.50oz5.78oz

Why T-shirt Weight Matters?

As we’ve just stated above, the standard weight for t-shirts is around 4 to 7 oz. If you get anything below this, it might mean that the fabric is lightweight and not as durable as you might expect.

This is not to say lightweight t-shirts aren’t good…they might be ideal for applications like one-time event use or for summer wear.

If you’re looking for t-shirts for use in rough conditions where they’re likely to get wear and tear—say in construction sites or uniforms—you’d want to go for heavier/thicker ones of around 6-7oz.

T-shirts meant for most applications usually weigh around 5.5 ounces.

As for the t-shirts intended to be imprinted on for promotional purposes, they should come with just the right amount of weight/thickness to withstand the imprinting process.

It’s important to note that the heavier a t-shirt is, the thicker and greater quality fabric it comes with. And this means it’ll cost you more.

The heavier t-shirts also tend to come with pricier shipping costs too. The heavier the shirts are, the heavier the package boxes will be or the more boxes will need to ship.

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