What Vinyl To Use For Car Decals

What Vinyl To Use For Car Decals?

One of the most frequently asked questions about car decals is what vinyl should I use for making car decals?

Many people often get confused trying to decide on the right vinyl for making car decals.

And that’s mainly because there are different types, colors, and styles—all designed to serve different purposes.

In this post, we’ll show you the right vinyl for car decals.

What’s The Best Vinyl For Car Decals?

Oracal 651 is the best vinyl for making car decals. You’ll often hear the word Oracal when it comes to car decals. This is basically the name associated with the vinyl meant for car decals. Oracal is also referred to as permanent or outdoor vinyl.

Oracal 651 Vinyl for Car Decals

Oracal 651 vinyl has the ability to withstand various outdoor weather elements. It also has a strong adhesive to ensure it adheres well to your car’s surface during a car wash.

The vinyl will remain on your car window for as long as you wish. And when you need to, you can easily remove it from your car without any issues.

Like all the other types of vinyl out there, this one comes in a variety of colors to enable you to pick one that you prefer.

Apart from car decals, you can also use this type of vinyl to make decals for any item that will be held frequently (examples include wine glasses, mugs, coffee cups, etc.).

You can also use it for exterior signs and windows.


The best vinyl for making car decals should be able to withstand exposure to different weather elements. Besides, it should come with a stronger adhesive that will enable it to stick to your car window (or any other place you wish to put it) for as long as you wish.

When the time comes, it should also be easy to remove without damaging your car surface or leaving any vinyl traces.

The Oracal 651 meets all these properties and is regarded as the best vinyl for making car decals.


  1. Jennifer Downs