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Get Wholesale Screen Printed T-shirts

Where To Get Wholesale Screen Printed T-shirts?

Looking for the best place to get wholesale screen printed t-shirts?

First, let me tell you, the answer may vary from person to person as different people have different requirements.

Now, there are three choices in front of you.

  • Local shops
  • Established printing company
  • Overseas printing company

In this article, I am going to discuss both pros and cons of each of this option.

And once, you have read the entire article; you will be fully equipped to make an informative decision.

Hang on.

What if you want to buy blank wholesale t-shirts for screen printing?

Have no concern. We will cover that section at the end of our article.

So let’s get down to business.

Pros of Wholesale Screen Printing In a Local Shop


There are numerous benefits to working with people that you are familiar with.

First, you will be in your comfort zone, and hence will be able to convey your expectations, preferences, and demands very clearly.

Second, the working relationship will be more personal, and you can even get involved in the printing process.

Price Can Be Negotiated

The best thing about working with local screen printing shops is that the price will be very negotiable.

In fact, if you are on good terms with the owner, you might be able to land a significant concession on bulk orders.

Gives the Local Economy a Boost

Local printing shops predominantly rely on local customers for their bread and butter.

So, by giving them large orders, you can give their business a boost and help them keep their company afloat.

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Cons of Wholesale Screen Printing In a Local Shop

​Below-Par Customer Service

Hiring qualified staff members for customer service is not financially viable for local printing businesses.

As a result, their customer service can often leave a lot to be desired.


Most of the neighborhood printing shops have limited capacity and are unable to speed up the process.

So, you must consider whether you can afford the time that will take them to complete the order.

Pros of Wholesale Screen Printing In an Established Printing Company

​Experienced and Better Understanding of Screen Printing

Established printing companies know their job.

They have been doing it for years, have experienced workers, and possess a better understanding of the printing process than the local boys.

Hence, you can feel safer by putting your project in the hands of the veterans of this industry.

Time of Payment is Negotiable

You can almost always negotiate the time of payment with established companies.

As you won’t have to pay all the money upfront, you will be saved from unnecessary financial pressure.

Fabulous Customer Service

The customer service of reputable companies is usually top-notch and provides an excellent experience for the customers.

Cons of Wholesale Screen Printing In an Established Printing Company

​Makes You Feel Like Just a Number

Famous printing companies have countless customers. Therefore, it’s not possible for them to build a personal working relationship with every single client.

So, don’t expect any special favor as you are just another client for the company.

Pros of Wholesale Screen Printing In an Overseas Printing Company

​Cheaper Than Others

When it comes to price, international companies offer a far better deal price than the previous two.

So, if you have budget constraints and a few weeks at hand, then overseas printing companies might be the ideal option for you.

Cons of Wholesale Screen Printing In an Overseas Printing Company

​The Turnaround Time Can Be Pretty Long

The biggest problem with international printing companies is the long turnaround time.

On average, it can be 4-6 weeks. So, before you make an order, make sure to check with the printers how long will it take them to deliver.

Communication Problem

A common issue that people face when working with overseas companies is the communication problem.

The difference in language often makes it impossible to communicate the instructions correctly. And what’s more, they tend to delay the replies of the mails.

Where to Go For Wholesale Blank T-Shirts for Screen Printing?

Here are a few suppliers you can look into for wholesale blank tees;


Gildan is very popular among screen printers due to its pricing.

They charge very low and are perfect for t-shirts with funny quotes or selling to a concert crowd.

American Apparel

American apparel has earned a stellar reputation in this industry for providing quality t-shirts.

They offer multiple choices including 100% ring spun cotton, tri-blends, and 50-50 blends.

On the downside, they are pricey, which is justified due to their higher standards in terms of quality.

Alternative Apparel

Do they provide tees of high quality?


Are they expensive?

Unfortunately, also yes.

To their defense, their tees are soft and have a fantastic fit (especially for women). So, if you have no budget problems, feel free to contact them.


Alstyle can be an amazing option for people who are working on a tight budget.

They are considerably cheaper when compared to the previous two.

On the flip side, their blank tees aren’t ring-spun cotton and tend to shrink.


Now that you are done with reading the article, it’s time to make a decision.

Ask yourself, which option is best for you?

Go through all the options again if necessary and choose the one that seems to meet most of your requirements.

If you have any further questions, shoot them in the comment section. Gracias!

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James M. Rai has been screen printing T-shirts and other textiles professionally and as a hobby for more than 15 years. During that time, he owned and operated a small screen printing shop in northern California for more than 7 years. More recently, James has gotten involved with Cricut and other cutting machines.